the zenitude in the hollow of the hands ...

Erik Nicollet / Composer Multi-instrumentalist, Singer / Sonotherapist

The first thing I did, after having let go, with some haste, my gear in my dear me; was to deploy the luminescent ZENITH in the dark of the night. And there, at the sight of a brilliant rosette spread on the table, the wonder has occurred. Then the sound began to sound, my cells began to dance and sing the praises of the creator of ZENITH, and the atmosphere began to vibrate.
A big thank you to you both, and wish you to preserve your quest, to make our hearts vibrate even in happiness.


Back from my reflexology training in Chinese energy where Zenith did its job!
He captivated everyone and allowed us to do incredible energy work!
Magic the Zenith!
Besides, I said that I do not consider you as a musician or a magician but as a MUGICIEN ...
Thank you again and have a nice day!

Instrument with a beautiful sound created by people super nice !! See you soon


I discover Zenith with this delicious sensation and vibration that challenges and soothes all my inner being; thank you Antoine.


A big nod to Antoine for his vibratory instrumental creations of unmatched sonic purity. A magical sound that invites meditation. Thank you.


Magical ! to try it is to adopt it. For my part, my new child is called Isis.
Thank you Antoine, I'll take care. Long life in Zenith

Francesca / Praticienne en Shiatsu-Reiki

The sound passes through the bony barriers to make us vibrate from the inside. These new harmonics are like a spring breeze on the skin .... soft, enveloping, very pleasant.

Alena / Thérapeute

Thank you very much for your beautiful instruments ... too happy to make them known at home and look forward to having "mine" !! Full of kisses, happiness and good luck to you

Victoria / naturopathe

A beautiful instrument that allows a cosmic meditation 😉


Beautiful encounter. What positive vibrations between sound and dance.
To make known and recognize without moderation. Thank you Antoine for this beautiful discovery.

Véronique / énergéticienne

Hello Antoine, what a joy to order you the "Lemuria" with the motif "OM" pink. Thank you for these creations in LA 432 Hz, frequency of the heart. Heart thoughts.

Marie-Emmanuelle / Thérapeute

I discovered an instrument with pure and captivating sounds that resonate in the deepest of oneself.
It is an invitation to travel and daydream, a vibratory enjoyment ... what a revelation!
Bravo Antoine, magnificent creation 😀


I bought a lemuria instrument at the last salon of well-being in Mandelieu. The sound is truly magical and haunting and the possibilities of melodies extremely numerous. It's a real treat to play for me and those who listen to me. Thank you Mr Andert😄


Thank you Antoine. My partner and I got back from the retreat, the drum had arrived and it is Amazing! Such wonderful resonance. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏 As I wait for my partner to get back from work, I'll take it to the lake shore and play and sing a bit too. 👍😇👍

Antti (Finlande)